The Crown or “Kroon” predicate was introduced recently an intermediary between Ster status and Model status for mares. The judging process for Crown mares encompasses both exterior quality and sport ability.

According to FHANA Rules and Regulations Section, requirements include:

  • Minimum age is three years old
  • Mare must have received a minimum of two (2) first premiums
  • For Permanent Crown status the mare must complete an IBOP or ABFP test with a minimum score of 77.0 points and an average of 7 for walk and trot. If the Sport predicate is earned within that time frame that will also convert the preliminary-Crown status into permanent Crown status.
  • Minimum height at the wither 1.58 Meters (15.2 Hands)

In the United States, a mare who was previously judged a first premie (for instance, at her 3 year old keur), may then return the next year in the Repeat for Premie category (thus achieving two 1st premies), then enter the preliminary Crown category. Once the mare has passed her IBOP in front of the judges (either that year, or within a year), then she will be awarded the full Crown status.