The Friesian Encyclopedia

Explore the world of the Friesian studbook by terms and definitions. Learn the latest about Inspections, registry predicates, microchips and linear scores.

Care & Health

What is the best way to care for a Friesian? Explore that topic here with articles about common Friesian health issues, with first hand experiences from Friesian owners and polls to find out more.

Historic Notes

The Friesian has a rich and varied history with records referencing Friesians as far back as Roman times. Browse interesting historical facts and references to Friesian horses. Marvel at the way the breed changed (and didn’t change) over the centuries, from lord’s mount to funeral horse.

Dutch Translations

For those of us who are not multi-lingual, the world of Friesian horses can sometimes be confusing as we pore over registry papers and scoresheets written in Dutch. If English is your primary language, here is a chance to broaden your knowledge with some user-contributed Dutch lessons and key words and phrases to help out the translation.