The branding of Friesian horses had been discontinued, but horses may still be seen with an FPS brand on the upper left side of their neck. Although it is often difficult to see a brand, due to a long coat, etc., the brand, if there is one, will be noted on the horse’s registration certificate. A single letter ‘F’ on the neck indicates an adult FPS mare, gelding or Approved Stallion who has been entered into the main Studbook or B-Book I. A ‘FS’ on the neck indicates a Studbook or B-Book I, mare or gelding who has been given the designation of Star. A ‘FSM’ is a Studbook Star mare who has been awarded the designation of Model. A crown on the neck indicates a mare or Approved Stallion who has been designated Preferent. An ‘/ \’ marking indicates a mare in the Auxiliary Studbook.