KFPS Approved stallion Jakob 302 Sport passed away this week at the age of 27. He leaves two approved sons, Olrik 383 and Take 455.

From the KFPS:
“Owned by the Hofstee family from the Dutch Gorredijk, JJakob 302 Sport RIPakob was KFPS approved in 1989. He serviced continuously at the Hofstee family station, but despite the fact that he had completed his Central Stallion Proving with fine marks, the mares wouldn’t really come. Perhaps it’s because at the annual KFPS Stallion Show he always had to settle for a second premium. As a 25 year old, Jakob was honoured at that same show.
Jakob became more popular when he started making a name for himself in the ring. He made it to the Dutch Z dressage category and was an honour class harness horse. He was more a sport horse than he was a model horse, which is also seen in his offspring, who are particularly successful in dressage. Jakob is among the stallions with the highest breeding index for sport.
As a son of Naen 264 and with Gerke 220 and Oene 201 in his dam line Jakob had relatively free blood. Because of the increasing interest in sport and the growing awareness of the need for genetic diversity Jakob was popular for a long time. There was even a revival in his older days.
KFPS has registered 1288 offspring by Jakob 302 Sport, 134 of which acquired the Sterpredicate. There’s one Model mare, 14 were awarded with the Sport predicate and 8 mares arePreferent. His influence is secured by his two approved sons. The first is sixteen-year-old Olrik 383, also stationed at the Hofstee family. In 2009, another stallion by Jakob was approved: Take 455. Since last year, his daughters are also influential as dams of stallions. Jakob also sired the dams of the newly approved KFPS stallions Wolfert 467 (Felle 422 Sport) and Alke 468 (Fabe 348). He’s also the sire of Wybren 464’s granddam.

Jacob 302 was still honoured at the Stallion Show in 2010 as a 25 year old stallion. He died this week at the age of 27 years old”.