The Friesian Crazy website has had a number of incarnations over the years to try to boost the content and usability of the website for our users. Here is the latest! We chose to keep the general visual theme the same, (so as not to alarm our visitors), while moving the site to the WordPress platform to allow better functionality. Some of this will be invisible to you, but will hopefully lead to a streamlining of the Friesian Crazy experience. That means that instead of us having to enter your data submissions by hand into the web code (which we don’t always have time to do promptly), your content will be fed in automatically with only a button click from us – instant results, yay!

What’s new? 

  • In-site article searchability
  • Comments enabled on most content – give us your two cents!
  • Embedded Flickr stream – share your Friesian photos with FC visitors by contributing to our Flickr stream.
  • Social networking – want to share an article? Now it’s one click away.

Some of FC’s features are still under the process of being shifted onto the new platform, and hopefully they will be better and more useful for it. Here are some of our plans.

What’s next?

  • Rehashed Art & Gift and Farm Directory listings that allows easier submission by visitors.
  • Community updatable calendar of Friesian events
  • Updated classified ad section with better submission and management for users
  • Expanded encyclopedia and health sections
  • New forum
  • User-submitted content like event coverage and galleries.
  • An extension of our Friesian Health Survey – we plan on redesigning the survey for better efficiency and asking you about your Friesians health more frequently – for more useful results. Stay tuned!

What do you think?

Of course, your opinion is most important! What does the Friesian community need that it currently is lacking? Do you love the old forum and hate to see a replacement? Want to see the site change its look? See something on other sites we should have here? For those of you who hate to see the old FC go, don’t worry.. it will still be online at its old address, and though the content might get a little musty, its use as a Friesian reference will stand.

If you have input about any of these things, why not try the new comment feature below, or email me, as usual, at Thanks everyone!