Approved stallion Tsjerk 328 Preferent (Feitse 293 x Nanne) passed away yesterday in the Netherlands at the age of 21. He leaves two permanently approved sons, Maiko 373 and Andries 415, as well as more recently, Hinne 427, Loadewyk 431, Norbert 442 and Michel 444. FHANA states:

“Tsjerk 328, not only are his breeding values for conformation still among the highest, his list of predicate worthy progeny is impressive. As many as 483 offspring were ster, an unprecedented number in the breeding of Friesian horses. Nine daughters received the Model predicate and 25 Tsjerk 328 descendants earned the Sport Predicate.
…Tsjerk 328 has already approved six grandsons, three via son Andries 415 and three Tsjerk 328 through subsidiaries, including the two-time champion of the stallion Uldrik 457. It can be established that the influence of Tsjerk 328 on the Friesian Horse Breed to be quite meaningful.”

Source: FHANA