“Like many other Friesian fanatics I searched long and hard for my Friesian friend. When I found him, however, there was a side to the purchase I had never considered. The lady who sold him to me was heart broken at having to part with him. She had selflessly realised that she could not give him the future he deserved and decided to let him go. I have kept in touch with her and wrote her this poem. I hope it strikes a chord with those who are searching and for those who are thinking of selling a horse they realise they cannot keep. I know I am no poet but it says in a few lines all that I felt.”

The Search

I knew that you were out there
Waiting in some far off place
I looked so hard to find you
I searched in cyberspace

I’d always held a vision
A picture in my mind’s eye
Until that day I saw you
My heart let out a cry

The image of perfection
The story it was true
There was a Friesian for me
That black pearl was you

I set off on a journey
You too had travelled long
That we should find each other
Fate could not be wrong

And now you stand before me
Your head against my hand
Our futures intermingle
I know you understand

The search for me is over
My quest is at an end
But when I found my Friesian
Sandra lost a friend

I know the hurt she’s suffered
I feel the pain its cost
So please remember Sandra
To you – Odin is not lost

Submitted by: Helen [hdsinclair@toucansurf.com]