There are few words I can use to describe the Friesian Horse. I believe it to be the most beautiful horse in the world. It is the horse you once thought you would only see in a dream, some fantasy world, or jumping out of the pages of a Fairy Tale. Several years ago, I saw with my own eyes that this horse does in fact exist. It was in the mid-80’s at the Midwest Horse Fair.

I spotted a horse that just was too beautiful to be real. My mouth hung open as I walked closer. Lots of long, thick hair, slick black coat, walking alongside his owner ever so obediently. The clip-clop of his shoes touching the pavement was like music. But it made him sound as massive as he looked. His very thick, wavy tail drug the ground. He had thick wavy feathers on his feet that shook as he stepped. I noticed as I walked behind him that as he walked, his raised front hoof splayed out as he stepped. Funny looking on many horses, but this guy looked beautiful doing it. His tail just swayed back and forth as he walked. Once in awhile as I followed him, he would lift his head up high enough that I could see his ears. Cute, tipped in towards each other, with mane and forelock hiding much of his head and neck. His black coat just shone, and he just seemed to prance with his front legs, like he knew how beautiful he was. My dream had just walked in front of me. Probably an experience most don’t ever get to have.

I followed he and his owner back to their barn. I just had to know what this magical horse was. I grabbed a brochure they had set out on tables, he was a Friesian Horse. An old breed, nearly extinct at one time, from the Netherlands. He carried great knights in armor, pulled wagons, some had worked for theirowners on farms. One day, I thought as I walked away from that barn, I would have that magical horse in my life, a fantasy horse that wasn’t a fantasy at all!

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“I saw this page, and thought I’d share a small essay I had to write more than 10 years ago for high school English class. We had to write a description essay, and attempt to help the reader feel like they were really there seeing what I’m describing. I don’t have a Friesian yet, but this is my first ever Friesian sighting and what I saw and thought.”