024_22Star or ‘Ster’ is an FPS rating given to mares and geldings in the Studbook and unapproved stallions in the Foal Book, who are found to meet a higher standard in movement and/or conformation.

Eligibility for Star Mare or Gelding requires that they previously be entered as a Studbook mare or gelding and be at least 1.56 meters for mares (~15.1 hands) and 1.58 meters for geldings (~15.2 1/4 hands) at the withers. Criteria for designation to Star status requires that the horse demonstrate:


  • conformation meeting the breeding objective of the FPS
  • totally correct movement
  • the walk must be straight, powerful and flexible with good reach from the shoulder while the hind quarters swing forward with power
  • The trot should be a reaching and forward movement with power from the hind quarters and flexion in the hock; it should be elevated and light-footed with a moment of suspension; there should be no winging, paddling or interfering

Mares and geldings are automatically evaluated for Star status when they are first entered into the Studbook. If they do not achieve the rating at that time,they may be re-evaluated at later inspections. Older horses with star status may be branded with an ‘S’ to accompany the studbook ‘F’ upon their neck (FS). This is the highest rating possible for geldings and Foal Book (unapproved) stallions.

[See also: ‘Inspections’ for more on Star qualifications.]