The sport predicate is awarded to mares, geldings and stallions within the registry which have shown an aptitude for competitive sport. The competitions must be recognized by the FPS and the scores must be of a satisfactorily high level in order to give eligibility for the predicate.The minimum requirements to achieve the sport predicate include accomplishing at least one of the following:

  • Dressage Z1+5 (Z1 is the equivalent of a US Third level test, +5 is the number of winning points required.)
  • Show Driving: cat/ I & II honor class and cat. III open class in one season six placements as prize winner in the “green season” (April 15 until October 1).
  • Driving (Dressage) Z+10
  • Driving (Combined): class 3+10. It has to be announced ahead of time to both KFPS and KNHS with which Friesian horse(s) one will participate. The horse has to have obtained at least 10 gain points in class 3 at the time the horse is entered with KFPS and KNHS to this end.

Currently the requirements for eligibility listed above are only specific to show standards in the Netherlands. For sport predicate applicants in other countries, comparable scores from their own country’s rating system are needed and will be reviewed by the KFPS judging team at the Inspection.

(For more information on the difference between US and NL dressage levels, see Legacy Friesian’s explanation here.)