As well as registration numbers, Friesians can be identified to some extent by their names. Each year the FPS designates specific letters from the alphabet to be used in naming foals born in that calendar year. For example, foals born in 2000 were named with first letters of A, B, or C. This allows a horse’s year of birth to be identified simply by their name. Names are encouraged to be relatively simple, and consisting of a single word. If two filly foals are registered under the same name, then a letter is assigned after the name, usually using the first letter of the last name of the breeder. Initials or farm names are not permitted to precede a name, but may follow it if approved by the FPS.
When stallions are selected for approval, they are re-named and assigned a number. The owners are given a list of Friesian names that have never been used by an Approved Stallion in the past, to choose from. The stallion is also assigned the next consecutive number in the Stallion Studbook, which follows his name. A stallion’s registration number and studbook number are not the same. The new name and number become that stallion’s official and permanent identification, even if he is later disqualified on offspring.
Other than in the case of Approved Stallions, a Friesian’s registered name, once it has been processed, may not be changed.

Letters by year:

2011 – JKL

2012 – MNO

2013 – PQRS

2014 – TUV

2015 – WXYZ

2016 – ABC

2017 – DEF

2018 – GHI