Throughout my many years of experience and research of horses I have never been so struck as I was the first time I saw those big dark eyes starring back at me. Calm as he was, he carried an omnipotence below his jet his jet black lashes, a powerfulness for which words can not do justice. Just to look at him for the first time, without knowing his name or where he had come from, I could see his story. Visions of war the horses of old, galloped in his past. Valiance and nostalgic beauty were his steadfast labels, he needed no introduction. This was the horse that romance and dreams were made of. This was the horse whom had greeted me as a child in my dreams as darkness greats the night. We belonged to each other, there was just no way around it.

Alive with infatuation I researched everything there was to know about this magnificent black beast. As I did I came to find that the research only ever affirmed my fist impression him. Strong, willing, versatile, loyal, gentle and very beautiful he is, quite factually, the perfect horse. I quickly came to find as well that I was not alone in that opinion. As it turns out there are many who, once finding his eyes to meet their own, become infected, infatuated, and very much alive with what is called; “Friesianitus”.


Submitted by: Heather []