The mare and gelding studbook is the primary book for adult mares and geldings, older than three years old. Certain horses may qualify for status/predicates within the studbook if they are […]


Star or ‘Ster’ is an FPS rating given to mares and geldings in the Studbook and unapproved stallions in the Foal Book, who are found to meet a higher standard in movement and/or conformation.

Eligibility for Star Mare […]


Stam or stam lines refers to the recorded lines of significant breeding mares in the breed. It is essentially the motherline, that is, the bottom-most line of names on a pedigree (Dam, Grand-dam, Great-grand-dam..etc). While […]


The sport predicate is awarded to mares, geldings and stallions within the registry which have shown an aptitude for competitive sport. The competitions must be recognized by the FPS and the scores must be of […]


The Preferential status applies to both stallions and mares, and is determined by the quality of their offspring. This designation may be awarded to living mares and stallions or posthumously, though the qualifications for Preferential […]


Premiums, or premies, are essentially a rating or classification. Premiums are awarded at Friesian inspections and classify a particular horse into categories of excellence. Each horse is judged individually against the Friesian standard, not against each other, […]

Performance Mother

The Performance Mother or “Prestatie” is a mare from the Studbook or Auxiliary Studbook who has three or more of her offspring who have achieved high levels of performance under saddle or driving. Performance must be demonstrated in competition […]


As well as registration numbers, Friesians can be identified to some extent by their names. Each year the FPS designates specific letters from the alphabet to be used in naming foals born in that calendar […]


Model is an FPS rating given to Star mares of exceptional quality. The Model Mare is much like the Studbook Stallion, having to meet many criteria and undergo evaluations before the title may be applied. To become […]


Every Friesian horse entered into the FPS Foal Book since 1997 has received an electronic identification code, or microchip. This chip is injected into the upper left neck, approximately mid way between the withers and […]

Linear Scores

Adult Friesians entering the Studbook are evaluated using a linear score sheet. This lists various aspects of conformation, breed characteristics and movement, with horses being scored on each point based on their positive or negative […]


The D-book is a subsidiary registry, or sub-category within the KFPS studbook. Like the B-books, the D-book was created for horses whose breeding or lineage does not conform with KFPS policies, but are still purebred Friesians. […]

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The Friesian Horse Association of North America is the sole representative of the Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (FPS), on the North American continent. It acts as a working studbook for its North American members, though all rules […]


The Royal Association, Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek, or the ‘FPS’/’KFPS’, is one of the oldest studbooks in the Netherlands, and is the original studbook for the Friesian horse. It was founded in 1879 by a group […]

Foal Book

The Foal Book is the basic registry for horses whose lineage would qualify them for entry in the Studbook at adulthood. Unlike the primary Studbook, there are no restrictions based on physical appearance or soundness. Some adult […]


The Crown or “Kroon” predicate was introduced recently an intermediary between Ster status and Model status for mares. The judging process for Crown mares encompasses both exterior quality and sport ability.

According to FHANA Rules and […]


The branding of Friesian horses had been discontinued, but horses may still be seen with an FPS brand on the upper left side of their neck. Although it is often difficult to see a brand, […]

B-Book II

B-Book II is the second Subsidiary Registry within the FPS. Horses who were born prior to 1995, sired by a Foal Book stallion without breeding approval and produced by an FPS registered mare, may be […]

B-Book I

The B-Books are a Subsidiary Registry, for horses born prior to 1995 with an FPS lineage who do not qualify for the Studbooks. B-Book I was created for breeders in countries which have a scarcity of […]

Auxiliary Studbook

The Auxiliary Studbook, or Hulpstamboek was used by the FPS to help establish the Studbook. It included mares who were of untraceable lineage but who were branded with a F or FS and demonstrated the […]

Approved Stallion

A stallion in the FPS which has successfully completed the rigorous approval process and is permitted to breed to FPS mares. Approved Stallions may be identified as such by the fact that a number follows the name, […]


Refers to the process of judging and testing of a stallion candidate for entry into the Studbook, and thus the right to breeding privileges. There are three rounds of testing a young stallion must go through […]

The KFPS Inspection

With the founding of the studbook came a strict and accurate rating system to ensure the pure continuation of the breed. An inspection is held every year wherever there are a large number of purebred […]