“I’ll try to keep this short. My family and I have had horses all my life. When I was nine, my mom bought me a horse encyclopedia for Christmas. It had all the different breeds from around the world. I came across the Friesian and was instantly in love with the breed. I told my mom then and there that I was going to own a Friesian one day. It wasn’t until 14 years later I saw my first Friesian in person at the state fair. I remember walking through the barns and a big black horse standing in one of the stalls. I waited for almost an hour for the owner to come by and confirm it was indeed a Friesian. A couple of years later I was lucky enough to meet someone who had several Friesians and they invited me to visit them. Again…I was in awe. Now, 25 years after seeing that picture in my book, I now own a wonderful Friesian gelding, Hedzer. A gift from my dad. Hedzer is the love of my life. Unfortunately, my mom is not here to meet Hedzer, but I have a feeling she helped to connect us. Thank you mom for all your love and support. Forever in our hearts…always on our minds. Just remember, don’t give up on dreams even when life seems to let you down.”

Submitted by: Marilee [mnamaka@tampabay.rr.com]