The B-Books are a Subsidiary Registry, for horses born prior to 1995 with an FPS lineage who do not qualify for the Studbooks. B-Book I was created for breeders in countries which have a scarcity of Approved Stallions. This was the case in North America and B-Book I breeding was permitted up until 1992.The horses entered in B-Book I are those sired by a Foal Book stallion with limited breeding approval from the FPS; and whose dam is registered in B-Book I, the Foal Book, the Auxiliary Studbook, or the Studbook. Also eligible for B-Book I are horses sired by an Approved stallion and out of a mare registered in B-Book II.B-Book I contains sub-registers for foals, mares, geldings and star mare/geldings. Foals receive identification codes and mares and geldings can be considered for B-Book Star status, with the same qualifications as those in the Studbook. A horse whose ancestors were registered in B-Book I may be transferred to the Studbook if the father, grandfather and great-grandfathers were all studbook stallions and if the horse meets the qualifications for Studbook entry.