“The stud book stallions Gjalt 426 Sport (Pyt 325 x Lukas 324), Hinne 427 Sport (Tsjerk 328 pref Sport x Falcon 291) and Jerke 434 Sport (Onne 376 Sport x Tsjerk 328 pref Sport) are approved using the progeny testing.

The stud book stallions Tietse 428 Sport (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) and Tsjabring 429 Sport (Brandus 345 Sport x Tjimme 275) no longer have a breeding license. The offspring of these two stallions were unconvincing. Tsjabring 429 Sport was withdrawn by its owner Kop Janssen.

The stud book stallions Jorn 430 Sport (Fabe 348 x Feitse 293 pref) and Loadewyk 431 Sport (Tsjerk 328 pref Sport x Jurjen 303) had some offspring finish the tests. They have until 2012 to complete their offspring examination. Jorn 430 Sport and Loadewyk 431 Sport also received their sport predicate in dressage.

The other 2003 stud book stallions Jense 432 Sport (Sierk 326 x Leffert 306 pref Sport), Jisse 433 Sport (Jasper 366 pref Sport x Dirk 298 Sport) and Jesse 435 Sport (Leffert 306 pref Sport x Doeke 287) have had no offspring in the test. They have another year to prove themselves. These three stallions received their sport predicate in dressage.”

Source: FHANA